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Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

It’s been a Greece obsessed month. Started with Tzatziki, then to the Cucumber Cooler and now to the famous Souvlaki. Maybe it has more to do with summer and the fact that Greek cuisine is so suited for hot balmy weather. When you scrutinize their cuisine, it’s filled with light and fresh recipes packed with flavor. Lemons are abundantly used, as are olives, yoghurt, herbs and cheese. Souvlaki is actually Greek fast food – Meat on a skewer. But unlike the fast food of the west (burgers and fries), this one is a lot more healthy, wholesome and delicious! Greeks generally use pork/ lamb for souvlaki but chicken is popular as well. The grilled skewers can be eaten as a starter or combined with Pita, tzatziki, lettuce and tomatoes to make a super sandwich! The most refreshingly light and filling lunch for a hot day! Now to complete the picture ….I’m on a Greek island overlooking the aquamarine ocean and have a gorgeous Greek God for company …. Sigh! (Yes, I remember I’m married already, but a girl can day dream can’t she?!)

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki
Prep Time: 10 mins
Marinade time: 30 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
What you need:
500 gms Boneless Chicken breast
Olive Oil for basting
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 Lemon, Zest and Juice
2 tsp Oregano
1 tsp Thyme
1/2 tsp Chilli flakes
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper
2 Tbsp Yoghurt
1 Tbsp Cream
1 1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil
What to do:
Soak bamboo skewers. Mix the marinade ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Use thick yoghurt to ensure it is not too runny. Flatten the chicken breast and cut diagonally into strips of 1″ width. (You should get about 4-5 strips per breast). Toss the chicken strips into the marinade and mix well. Marinate for 30 mins or longer in the fridge.
Preheat the grill for 10 mins or heat charcoals till red hot. (I used my oven – ran the grill function for 10 mins to get it to the desired heat, before putting my skewers in). Now skewer the chicken strips in a wave onto the bamboo sticks. (This allows for maximum area to be exposed to the grill.) Baste with olive oil. (I used a spary can. So much fun!) Place the skewers on a wire rack with a dripping pan below and grill for 15 mins, turning once in between to baste. Check for doneness. Take off the heat and serve with some warm Pita bread, Onion rings, tomatoes, lettuce and Tzatziki (Click here for recipe)!


  1. Its so simple Shwe… and since its not spicy the kids will love it! And anything on a skewer is always more fun to eat 🙂


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