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Aqua De Pepino – Cucumber Cooler

Featured in Tastespotting.com on 14th June 2012.
No, the cooler does not taste vegetal. If anything, it’s brilliantly refreshing. And this was the recipe that I said, you could make side by side with the Tzatziki. (It’s such a waste to be throwing away fresh cucumber juice!). Or if you’re in no mood to grate, strain, squeeze and extract the juice of one cucumber – just use prepackaged cucumber juice. (Though I strongly recommend the fresh version – the colour is unbelievable!). You can either use vodka or a gin with this recipe, substituting one for the other brings no great change in taste. If you are a teetotaler or are making this for a younger audience, by all means skip the alcohol. It’s just as exciting to serve on a balmy summers eve.

 Aqua De Pepino – Cucumber Cooler

Prep time: 10 mins
Serves: 2

What you need:

400 ml Cucumber Juice (from 2 Cucumbers)
5 tsp Sugar Syrup
120 ml Vodka
2 Lemons (Juice of)
Lemon and Cucumber slices to garnish
Ice Cubes to serve

What to do:

Wash, peel and cut the cucumber in half. Scoop out the seeds. Now grate the cucumber coarsely and spoon into a strainer. (Do this to remove the water from the cucumber. Collect the cucumber juice and reserve. After you are fairly certain that you have pressed out as much water from the cucumber as possible – press into strainer again. Surprised? Yes there will still be some more cucumber juice you can extract. Reserve.

In a cocktail shaker add the vodka, lemon juice, sugar syrup and cucumber juice. Mix well. (Don’t shake it too much to avoid the cucumber juice from frothing). Now strain into a whisky glass filled with ice cubes. Toss in some cucmber and lemon slices for a fun cocktail. Enjoy.

Here’s what was featured in Tastespotting.com


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