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Cafe Frappe with Bailey’s

I am not a coffee drinker. (Phew! That was almost as difficult as admitting that you have an alcohol problem!) Coming from the state of coffee growers – Karnataka, (my brother-in-law even owns a coffee plantation), I am quite an anomaly. When I go to visit my relatives or friends and they offer me a cup of coffee, I’d rather say I just had a meal, than admit I don’t drink coffee. On the rare occasion that I do tell someone, they look at me like I am some sort of space alien and repeat the question till I give in. There… now their world is sane again! So why don’t I drink coffee? I like to believe that I already have so much energy, that I don’t need the buzz from coffee. I also never appreciated the bitter taste of coffee and sweetened it till it started to taste like sugar syrup! Now coming to the big question, If I don’t like coffee, why do I have a recipe for Café Frappe on my blog?? I like to think of Café Frappe as a non-coffee… more like a little chilled dessert. I get all nostalgic thinking about the first Cyber Café’s that opened in Bangalore in 1997. They used to serve Café Frappe – a foam covered iced coffee drink. It was all the rage then. Every single teenager worth their salt would hang out in a Cyber Café and sip Café Frappe! It was tres cool. And obviously I wanted to fit in, so I would order in anyway and sip it so slowly that no one would realize I hadn’t finished it by the time we left the place. Replicating this at home was quite simple; the nostalgic feeling came sweeping back! And then to get back to the present, I added a shot of baileys to my second glass… Isn’t it fun being an adult? 😛
Café Frappe with Baileys
Prep time: 10 mins
Serves: 2
What you need:
1 ¾ cup Cold Milk
½ cup Ice Cubes
2 Tbsp Instant Coffee Powder (I used Nescafe Classic)
½  cup water
4 Tbsp Sugar
60 ml Bailey’s Irish cream Liqueur
To Serve:
1 cup fresh whipped cream or canned whipped cream
½ tsp Instant coffee powder
1 Tbsp Chocolate sauce
What to do:
Brew 2 Tbsp coffee powder with 1/2 cup boiling water. Set aside to cool/ refrigerate.
Blend milk, brewed coffee and sugar in a blender till you get a foamy, creamy texture. Pour in the baileys and whip for 5 seconds.
To serve: Divide the ice cubes between two glasses. Now hold the serving glass in your hand, take half a tbsp of chocolate sauce (I used Hersheys) and let it dribble onto the inner walls of the glass. Slowly fill the glass with the cold coffee leaving about an inch on top. Top this with whipped cream and sprinkle some coffee powder onto it. Serve with a straw and spoon to eat up the whipped cream. Restaurant style Cafe Frappe with a bailey hit!
P.S. For an U18 version you can just skip the baileys, it still tastes good!
Note: I used ready whipping cream (Toplite)  but you can make fresh whipped cream at home by beating a cup of heavy whipping cream and 1/4 cup of sugar using an electric mixer until a stiff creamy texture is formed. Add this to your icing cone and top your cold coffee. Feel free to adjust the sugar level and black coffee according to your taste.

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