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SPIGA (St. Marks Road)

Spiga has always been one of my favorite restaurants in Bangalore. It was located in a quaint little house on Vittal Mallya road and has now shifted to the more spacious 4th floor of the Halycon Building on St. Marks Road. I must have visited Spiga a gazillion times and have not been disappointed by the food. The menu has been the same, with a few tweaks here and there and thank the lord for that. I went in the afternoon this time with a couple of friends from work. The place has a Mediterranean feel to it with the whole whitewashed effect – quite pleasant and serving as an excellent backdrop for the colorful food. I’ve seen it at night as well, fairy lights and pleasant alfresco dining add to a lovely view of the city lights. The only grouse I’ve always had is the music is too loud near the bar area. Comon guys … it’s a lounge NOT a discotheque. However a few tipples and all is forgotten and forgiven 😉

We ordered the Noodle Wrapped Prawns as a starter along with the Panzanella Salad for the vegetarian in the group. Both were excellent. The prawns nice and juicy were wrapped in flat noodles and deep fried. The panzanella salad was fresh and zingy with balsamic vinegar and the lovely feta cheese crumbled over it gave it the balance required. We would have loved to have a cool Kingfisher with our food but they don’t have it on the menu. They had a Foster’s promo running which dint cut it with us, so we settled for the Basil and Lemon Cooler. They do have a fully stocked bar which serves wines and cocktails but that story is for another day.

For Main course I had the Olive Fish – Sear fish in a white wine and green olive sauce served with spinach rice and hassleback potatoes. My friend had the Bacon wrapped fish. You would think the salt in both the bacon and the fish would be overwhelming but a hint of the sweet orange sauce makes it work. The vegetarian in the group opted for the Pasta Vegitali – nice zesty tomato cream sauce. He ordered something ‘light’ to save room for the dessert but it was quite a generous portion. My other foodie friend ordered Pasta with Bacon in a cream sauce – not quite your Carbonara… but similar and satisfying. Coming to dessert (yes, you dint think we would leave without dessert did you??). We asked the waiter to get us all the desserts on the menu (OK, there are only four.. he he). Unfortunately they dint have the Blueberry Cheesecake that day so we had to make do and share three by four. The Oreo Cheesecake is to die for, though everyone agreed that the surprise package was the Fig and Toffee Pie – simply divine. The Chocolate Mudcake (was it?) was good as well and would have been an excellent dessert if it did not stand out in poor comparison to its other siblings!

So on the whole a most pleasant and ‘full’filling experience.

P.S. The parking sucks but they have valet…

No. 9, Halcyon Complex, 4th Floor
St. Marks Road (Above Rangoli Sarees) Bangalore.
PH: 42110469, 42110470
Multi Cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner. Bar Attached. Accept Credit Card.
Price Point – Rs:1400/- for two (Starter, Main course, Dessert and non-alcoholic beverage)

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