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Happy 2011!

 “People are so worried about what they eat between Chirstmas and New year when in reality they need to be worried about what they eat between New year and Christmas!” so said Anonymous. Agreed we all overindulge during the holidays and why not? It’s the season to be jolly 🙂  I was away on holiday in Sri Lanka and trust me, even if you tried, you can’t stop overindulging. Sun, Sand, Surf … all add up to an atmosphere of blissful overeating. Add to it beers and wines and cocktails and you could really be in a glutton’s heaven. (MY heaven to be precise!) So without much adieu I wish you a wonderful 2011, filled with all things good and blissful and lipsmackingly awesome!

P.S. Some seafood that I lovingly shoved my face with …

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Hi! I'm on a quest for lust-worthy food. I love eating out as much as I love whipping up some mean treats in my kitchen. I've got wanderlust tattooed on my wrist.

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