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Lemon Rice (Chitranna)

This post is for ‘someone’ who asked me recently, whether I had locked my kitchen up as he dint see any new posts on the blog 😛 Considering that ‘someone’ is also a Vegetarian and South Indian … this recipe should appeal to him. Lemon Rice is something that mom made in a jiffy for breakfast IF – she was out of time or there was rice leftover from last night’s dinner. So as a teenager I used to ho and hum when I saw lemon rice on my plate. But now I completely understand the lemon rice logic – it’s a healthy, simple, no wastage dish. Not to mention for all the ho-ing and hum-ing it was and is delicious!

Lemon Rice

Prep time: 15 mins
Serves: 4

What you need:
1 ½ cups Rice (uncooked) / 2 ½ cups cooked Rice
1 Onion sliced
1 Lemon (Juice of)
3-4 green Chilies
½ tsp Channa Dal
½ tsp Urd Dal
½ tsp Turmeric
½ tsp Ginger paste
½ tsp Mustard seeds
4 tsps Oil
6-7 Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Handful of peanuts
Grated coconut to Garnish

What to do:
Deep fry peanuts, keep aside. Cook rice and fluff out rice to cool and separate grains.
In a wok heat 4 tsps of Oil, Add mustard seeds, urd and channa dal and fry till mustard splutters. Add sliced onions and slit chilies and sauté till soft and transparent. Put in ginger and fry for a min. Finally add in turmeric and salt. Pour this mixture over the rice and mix well to incorporate the yellow color evenly. Mix lemon juice in, toss in the peanuts and garnish with grated coconut. Serve hot!

Note: Mixing the peanuts in the end keeps them crunchy to the bite.


  1. Really yummy….. nothing tastes better than the traditional receipes taken right out of mummy's kitchen……


  2. Comments on my commonplace Chitranna..i'm impressed!
    @ revati … thanks … I wish you had a pic to post too.. you're pics are beeeyoutiful 🙂
    @ someone.. sakkath mane oota-tiffin-kaapi .. your mummy might do a better job of it than me 😛
    @ bengaluruEATS.. change that to dishum-dishum overdramtic Kannada movies and you hit the nail on the head.. thanks for stopping by.. 🙂


  3. Its awesome that you can make even plain old chitranna (the very name reminds me of dishum-dishum Telugu type movies)… look so gorgeous..
    burrrp from our side!


  4. someone says

    'someone' burped….. After what i've been eating on the road these last few days in Kerala “Miltry” Hvotels, i could use a few servings of sakkath mane oota-tiffan-kaapi….


  5. Been following your blog for sometime, so it ncie to see an update 🙂

    its uncanny that you posted this today, because im a fairly new entrant into the kitchen and today my south-indianness craved chitranna! and i finally made it off y instinct rather than following a recipe! i wish i had a picture to share 🙂


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