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Toddy Shop Shenanigans at Ente Keralam (Ulsoor Road)

Kerala has the privilege of being Gods Own Country and the dubious distinction of having the most number of toddy shops across India as well. For anyone who has tried toddy, the fermented buttermilk-like-drink is no connoisseurs poison of choice, but it sure is the cheapest way to end the day on a ‘high’ note. For people like me however, the highs are linked to the very unique food that is ubiquitous of Toddy Shops in the state. Considering women are rarely never encouraged to go to toddy shops, I’m beyond thrilled that Ente Keralam has bought the toddy shop experience to me. Just one downer – Karnataka doesn’t let establishments sell Toddy in the state (without a special toddy license), so we’ll just have to make do with the food!

Spice Island Flavours in South Tamil Nadu @ Dakshin (ITC Windsor)

You learn something new every day. Like there is a community in Madurai that has erstwhile Tamils who settled in Sri Lanka, who repatriated to Tamil Nadu. And that our very own Priya Bala is from that small and unique community. ITC Hotels under the aegis of ‘The Kitchens of India’ has been showcasing unique & undiscovered cuisines and cooking styles from across India. They now present “Spice Island Flavours” which is the food of Southern Tamil Nadu that has absorbed the influences of Sri Lankan culinary repertoires. This rare cuisine is on showcase at Dakshin, ITC Windsor till the 31st of August. I was invited last Friday, for a preview of the menu and a tete-a-tete with Priya, who lovingly curated and cooked the food of her childhood, alongside the chefs in the ITC kitchen.

Candlelight and Surprises – Grasshopper

I really wanted to hate this place. I wanted to turn up, eat there and then call peoples bluff on it. Give people fancy, mastercheffy, pretentious food and they all go gaga over it, just to avoid being called pedestrian. After eating out in *insert any five star restaurant* the squiggle of reduced Modena balsamic vinegar on that white plate or the lego-like placement of grilled meat over asparagus spears over celeriac mash, was frankly getting boring. And here I was, heading to a place that exalted in doing just that. Why? Because I am a seeker of truth. (Yes, the profoundness of it all boggles my mind as well!) It’s a backbreaking ride from my side of town. Bannerghatta was and will always be the ‘The Zoo’ to me. No matter that the animals now, are the ones behind the wheel of a car in peak hour traffic! A small board (unlit) announces ever so subtly that you need to take a right to your destination. Follow the mud path and you end up …