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I am Legend – Szechwan Court (The Oberoi, M.G.Road)

Szechwan Court has been tantalizing taste buds in Bangalore since its inception in 1992. One of the first fine-dining Asian restaurants to grace the landscape, Szechwan Court is definitely legendary. The restaurant that overlooks the Koi pond has always been a proponent of authentic Chinese cooking, showcasing Szechwan, Cantonese and Peking dishes as well. In 2015 the elegant restaurant takes us through a three decade journey, where it weaves in its classics with some modern culinary experiences from China. I am Legend.

The Double Black Experience @ Blue Bar (Race Course Road)

Eventually, everyone who drinks alcohol will graduate to Whiskey – at least that’s the general consensus among the drinking population. I’m not a Whiskey drinker, give me a Gin and Tonic or a nice glass of Wine any day. The husband on the other hand, swears by his single malts and his peaty blended Whiskeys. Every trip abroad is a happy occasion because he gets to bring back his loot of interesting Whiskeys. So of course the Double Black Event at Blue Ginger was welcomed with much enthusiasm.

Peshawari Tandoor by Turquoise (Now Closed :( )

I have eaten at Turquoise and Peshawari Tandoor a couple of times and have always enjoyed their food. The restaurant plates their food beautifully and after seeing some pictures of the Sunday brunch captured by my fellow foodie Harsha (of the FB group Bakasura) I had to go and get click crazy! The reason I haven’t written about it for so long (almost a year!) has been two fold (a) My forgetfulness – which includes leaving the camera at home and (b) the low ‘mood’ lighting in their Indian restaurant. (It’s done up with multi-hued ceiling to floor chandeliers!). Mood lighting encourages romance but does NOT a good picture make! So I happily trumped in on Sunday with my camera and my friend Shwe in tow – expecting to go photo crazy on their buffet table. Unfortunately, they informed me that the Sunday brunch has now been stopped L (Lesson learned for being a procrastinator!). Luckily they had a Signature Tasting Menu of all their best dishes and we were more than happy to sample …