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Sich Treffen at Cafe Max (CMH Road, Indiranagar)

Exam times during college meant meeting up at Café Max on Lavelle road for a group study session. This ‘sich treffen’ or meet up, almost never resulted in any studying but always resulted in a good cup of coffee and fantastic apple strudel. The café has been a part of Max Mueller Bhavan/ The Goethe-Institut for as long as it has existed. When the institute shifted to CMH road in Indiranagar, the little café followed. Formerly run by a German resident who made the most delectable Wednesday Brunch spread, it has now passed hands to new management. I visited it for the first time since the change (over a year?) for a quick weekday lunch. Did it pass muster?

Sunday Brunch @ M Cafe (Bengaluru Mariott Hotel Whitefield)

The FoodPorn Diaries dictionary (yes, it exists…if only in my mind!) defines ‘Brunch’ as nothing but copious amounts of Booze + Lunch, generally consumed on a Sunday, to arm yourself for the travesty of work on a Monday. Since most of us run the corporate rat race during the week, (which gives us just enough time to drag ourselves to bed every night), what better way to spend a weekend afternoon than by overcompensating? I generally don’t bother reviewing brunches because, let’s face it – everyone has the same offerings. Indian, Chinese and European cuisine served with loads of alcohol and bubbly, edging you to consume in one afternoon what you probably should be eating over a span of a week! But since so many of us are in the quest for the holy grail of Sunday Brunches, I decided to take a dive and do it for you. Starting with the brunch at M Café in the Mariott, Whitefield. I am forced to look at the Mariott everyday because my work desk faces the large window that …