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All Day Breakfast, with a view @ Café Felix (1 MG Mall, MG Road)

I’m a complete sucker for cheery spaces with an abundance of natural light. Couple that with an all-day dining menu that serves Avocado Toast and Half & Half Pizza and you have me sold! Café Felix in 1 MG Mall is, your friendly neighborhood café, even if you live in far off Whitefield. This café also serves the most delicious drinks – let’s all pray that MG Road gets de-notified from being a highway soon!

Rim Naam has a new Mistress of Spice (The Oberoi, MG Road)

I am always struck by absolute disbelief when I step into the serene restaurant by the water – ‘Rim Naam’. Considering The Oberoi is located on the bustling M.G.Road, this oasis of beauty and calm is a treat for the senses. Cross over the plush gardens, step into the faux rock cave and gently tip toe your way over the bridge into a wooden structure reminiscent of river restaurants in Thailand. Why, the little gurgling waterfall and the spectacular Koi in the water body surrounding it, will definitely make you feel that way. Rim Naam has been synonymous with fine dining in Bangalore – there is no other place that offers such an enchanting ambience coupled with equally enchanting food. The restaurant has a new mistress of Spice all the way from the Isaan province in Thailand. If that’s not cause for celebration, I don’t know what is?!

Cocktails and Conversations @ Drinks (MG Road)

The old maketh way for the new and Bangalore sees ‘Drinks’ occupy the space that was the erstwhile Couch, on MG Road. The elegant and comfortable lounge is spread across two floors and you will see floor to ceiling paintings of gentlemen in top hats and ladies in snazzy gowns invoking the gangster vibe from downtown New York or Chicago in the 60’s. Encouraging you to play catch up over expertly fashioned cocktails by award winning bartender – Alfonso del Portillio, Drinks is a place that will appeal more to the suave office goer than the teeny boppers that litter Church Street. If Classic is the vibe you are after – Drinks is the place to be. Considering they named the place ‘Drinks’, it is only fair to expect a heightened focus on the liquid menu! Thankfully with Alfonso manning the bar, that’s not a problem. The extensive cocktail menu has separate sections for concoctions with Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila and Whiskey. You can also skip the cocktails and pick straight from their lineup of …

Citibank Restaurant Week – Szechwan Court (The Oberoi, Bangalore)

Restaurant Week is a week of indulgence for me. But excesses of the excellent variety are always welcome in my books! This is the second year for the Citibank Restaurant Week India (RWI) in Bangalore (23rd Sep to 2nd Oct) and reservations open for Citibank customers today. Everyone else will have to wait till the 18th of September to get a chance to dine in the finest restaurants of Bangalore – think Olive Beach, Szechwan Court, Dakshin, Caperberry and a whole lot more! RWI runs twice a year in March and September, simultaneously across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The prix fixe menu allows the restaurants to showcase their signature dishes in each category and diners get a chance to experience this at an unbelievable price of Rs.750/-++ in Bangalore. You need to make reservations online before you can dine – so having a fast broadband connection and the gumption to beat the hundreds of others vying for a dinner slot helps. I was offered a preview dinner for RWI at the Szechwan Court a week …