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A Bohri Shahi Dawat this Ramzan Season @ Cubbon Pavilion (ITC Gardenia)

How many Bohra’s do you know? If you are a Mumbaikar, that number might run into the late single digits, but in Bangalore it would be a rarity. I have one Bohra friend and I’m still waiting for him to get married so that I can sample a Bohri Dawat. I know that’s very shallow, but I need to stay honest! Luckily for me and you – Cubbon Pavilion brings this cuisine that is relished in elite circles to us, this Ramzaan season. The fabulous Bohri Thaal makes its appearance thanks to Chef Zohair, who is from the Bohra community and has personally designed the menu to mirror feasts served at his house.

Amar Sonar Bangla – Bengali Food Festival @ Cubbon Pavilion (Residency Road)

Bengali Food holds a special place in my heart. From standing in line at the Ulsoor Bengali Association as a nine year old waiting for Bhog to be served, or having the canteen attendant set aside extra rosagullas for me as a student in IIM Calcutta or finally being surrounded by so many Bengali’s at work that Muri Ghonto was as familiar as sambar. I am irresistibly drawn to this wondrous cuisine that has great reverence for its ingredients, method of cooking and perfectly balanced flavours. Like a moth to a flame, I land up at the Cubbon Pavilion for a festival that celebrates the land inspired by poetry – “Amar Sonar Bangla”. Chef Bhagmita Jena hails from Dhiga, a small town at the border of Bengal and revels in the opportunity to showcase a cuisine she adores, to the rest of the world. Years spent in the kitchen watching her mom churn out exquisite Bengali recipes cemented her love for cooking. The diminutive Bhagmita’s passion for her art is clearly visible in the spread …

Jamva Chalo Ji – Parsi Cuisine @ ITC Cubbon Pavilion

I’ve grown up lusting over Dhansak. The Jehangir Kothari Memorial Hall and the Fire temple was very close to where I lived and the sprightly Parsees always had some fair or event where one on them would be doling out Dhansak! I also had a Parsi friend in school whose lunchbox came crammed with delicious treats. So it’s pretty fair to say I know and love Bawa cuisine. The ITC is playing host to Chef Parvez Patel’s (of Ideal restaurant fame from Mumbai), to showcase the best of Bawa cuisine.

Poush – Kashmiri Pundit Cuisine @ Cubbon Pavillion

You would be hard pressed to find Kashmiri Food in a restaurant in Bangalore. The last time I relished Kashmiri Food was at a special Wazwan arranged by Bangalore Foodies Group and that was well over a year ago. A wazwan is a great way to experience the cuisine of Kashmiri Muslims – it constitutes a royal banquet of over 30-40 dishes shared family style between groups of people.  Most Kashmiri Food Festivals dish out the Wazwan style meal and the Gushtaba (velvety meatballs in a yogurt gravy) is its crowning glory. But the Cubbon Pavilion decided to showcase the less populist but equally exquisite cuisine of the Kashmiri Pundits. While both the cuisines share a lot of similarities (same ingredients and style of cooking) – the Kashmiri Pundit cuisine is unique in the fact that they do not use onion and garlic in their dishes. The tomato is also an oddity here and they resort to yoghurt based dishes to provide the same tangy taste. The most interesting aspect for me was that even …

Hot Rock Grills @ Dublin (ITC Windsor, Bangalore)

There’s something about the sizzle of a grill that brings out the caveman/ cave women in us. The thrill to see something cooking on a hot rock versus a modern day oven is a primitive urge I can’t explain. There are umpteen theories about why this style of cooking results in the most luscious grills. The ones that makes the most sense to me are A. the ability of the stone to retain and distribute heat evenly and B. the retention of moisture and flavor in the food while preventing flare-ups caused in regular grills. Now, not all of us have the privilege of owning hot stones (generally made of volcanic rock) but Dublin at the ITC Windsor brings the excitement of cooking on a hot stone right to our plate, with the Hot Rock Grills festival. The Irish pub comes alive with a variety of sizzlers crafted by Executive Chef Uchit Vohra giving diners an option of healthy, oil free cuisine made from a selection of meats and seafood. Presented on preheated “Rocks” served …