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All Day Breakfast, with a view @ Café Felix (1 MG Mall, MG Road)

I’m a complete sucker for cheery spaces with an abundance of natural light. Couple that with an all-day dining menu that serves Avocado Toast and Half & Half Pizza and you have me sold! Café Felix in 1 MG Mall is, your friendly neighborhood café, even if you live in far off Whitefield. This café also serves the most delicious drinks – let’s all pray that MG Road gets de-notified from being a highway soon!

Lunch @ The Black Rabbit (100ft Rd, Indiranagar)

I don’t know what it is that made me think of Alice in Wonderland and the ticking pocket watch when I heard of The Black Rabbit. I’ve always thought it was a strange thing to show a kid the craziness of a disappearing cat and a mad hatter in junior school, though it was cleverly disguised as a cartoon. I had decided that I never wanted to be Alice, if wonderland held such scary things as the Jabberwocky. The fact that I enjoy the book now, is altogether a different story. Maybe I took the magic portion after all 😉

Raspberry Mascarpone Pie

Raspberry Mascarpone Pie @ A Spoonful of Sugar, Indiranagar, Bangalore I drove furiously; a few motorists were roughly pushed to the pavement. Six kilometers was nothing to satisfy a craving. And this time it was bad. I couldn’t think straight, I needed the fix…now. I had the rest of them on speed dial, but this one was different. If I wanted it, I had to go there myself. The anticipation builds up as you come closer. Maybe that was part of their plan? Parallel parking was not my scene, but I did it anyway. I didn’t want the moment to be interrupted by the cops. I walked into the space. There were others like me, reverently consuming their poison. He looked at me from behind the counter. The clear glass displayed everything that I wanted and more. Which one would I choose today? Something dark and dangerous or something sweet and exotic? There was one in Red calling out to me. I looked with scare concealed desire. He smirked and handed it over to me. …