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Grab your forks – DineFest debuts in Bangalore this February

Curated three course dining experiences at a fraction of the a la carte rates across 10 exciting restaurants in Bangalore – now we’re talking! Taking off on the popular concept of Restaurant Week and Chef’s Table Week by its parent group, DineFest hopes to open up gourmet experiences to a wider audience. You won’t find the usual suspects here and that’s what makes it interesting. At INR 500++ per person, I hardly feel the need to elaborate on the deal!

Donne Biryani – Bangalore Style

I’m not certain we can call this Biryani in the purest sense of the word. But the debate on what constitutes Biryani has been raging for decades and I don’t have the time or the inclination to delve into its subtleties. For me, Biryani will always be a one-pot meal of rice and meat cooked together with spices, served with aplomb on a Sunday afternoon. Sundays would be incomplete without Biryani in our house, though logically it had no place in Andhra-Karnataka cuisine.

Meet, Eat, Drink – Cafe Mezzuna

For those of you who walked by Oh! Calcutta, on St.Marks Road and wondered where it went – Café Mezzuna has taken the spot. The much loved Bengali restaurant has moved to the same building that houses Mainland China on Church Street. Café Mezzuna is the youngest brand of the Specialty Restaurants Ltd. The third in line, after Pune and Kolkata, Café Mezzuna brings Mediterranean Flavous and wholesome food at honest-to-goodness prices to Bangalore. The all-day dining restaurant also offers an extensive bar menu. When you get a pint of Kingfisher at INR 110 and a Long Island Ice Tea at INR 295, it’s time to get the party started.

Getting Fresh – FreshMenu (Bangalore)

If you live in a bustling neighborhood like Koramangala where restaurants are a dime a dozen, stepping out to grab a quick bite is a no brainer. Say you live in Benson town, or maybe the boondocks Whitefield, your choices drop by a third. Ordering in is always an option, but who wants Sharmaji’s Palak Panner, Tandoori Roti and Chicken Tikka every day? FreshMenu seems to have birthed itself to cater to the needs of those who like to change things up a bit, on a fairly limited lunch budget. The concept is simple – quality ingredients, gourmet global cuisine, value for money pricing on a daily rotating menu, prepared fresh by trained chefs. Was it too good to be true? We put it to the test on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

10 years and counting – Olive Beach (Wood Street)

Olive Beach didn’t shut shop. They just moved the iconic blue door a couple of feet to the right. They also decided to do away with the pebbles – because they obviously care for your stilettos. And they added a Tuscan Kitchen with a brick oven – just to indulge you with the perfect wood fired pizza. They placed large ornate mirrors that reflect the soft candle light – to make you glow as you dine under the stars. They even upped the ante on plating – pretty flower garnishes never hurt anyone. And the massive bar at the back – well, that’s kinda self-explanatory, right? The little white villa on Wood Street comes to you in a spruced up avatar in its 10th year in Bangalore. They haven’t dispensed with the underlying theme of Olive – a large (sunny in the daytime) courtyard will still greet you as you enter and the whitewashed walls echo the charm of a Mediterranean villa. But…they’ve opened up the space – both literally and figuratively! The ‘new’ Mediterranean …

Veggie Chic Menu at Caperberry, Bangalore

I like my chicken and my bacon and my pork and mutton and prawns and …you get the drift. So when I excitedly signed up for the Veggie Chic menu created by Chef Abhijit Saha of Caperberry, many eyebrows were raised. Is she turning vegetarian? Is she just coming there to mock us with terms like Ghas Phoos? And finally has she not read the menu? My answer to all the dear veggies – I just thought the Veggie menu looked exciting and why should I pass up an opportunity to be entertained by a culinary genius just because the menu didn’t have anything that walks, swims or clucks! Now that we have resolved the mystery of my presence at the dinner, let’s move on to important bits – the restaurant and the food! Caperberry means provocation of desire in Hebrew. It’s also really a berry as well – green and tart… but the earlier definition is more in tune with what the restaurant wants to achieve. Caperberry is located at the Tanishq building on …