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Happy Birthday – Food for Swaps turns TWO!!

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear FoodforSwaps…. Happy Birthday to you!

So we enter our terrible two’s today 🙂  I must say, the journey has been supremely fulfilling. What started out as a way to document all the things I tried out in the kitchen has now turned into something that inspires me to try out things! It gives me a space to play out my food obsession and my photography. It’s my little window to the world of foodies – you guys, who stop by the blog and send me little words of praise, encouragement and new ideas. So today, I just want to leave you a comment – Thank you for rocking this party for so long!

I have a few additions to the blog, to mark the anniversary. An ‘About’ page – yes I know, I do like to wax eloquent. And a ‘Food Blog searcher’ – more foodies more fun! So enjoy and keep stopping by!
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Hi! I'm on a quest for lust-worthy food. I love eating out as much as I love whipping up some mean treats in my kitchen. I've got wanderlust tattooed on my wrist.

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